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August 2022

The African Pied Wagtail, Motacilla aguimp, inhabits subtropical areas and is always found near water.

It is monogamous and makes a cup-shaped nest in vegetation near water.

It is mainly insectivorous but also feeds on grass seeds, tadpoles and small fish.

The word ‘pied’ means ‘ having two colours’. It originated in England and was first used to describe the Magpie.

In Kruger Park there are 4 bird species that are described by the word Pied : the Pied Wagtail, the Pied Crow , the Pied Kingfisher ( all black and white ) and the Pied Starling ( dark brown and white).

Pied Crows generally live near human habitations and are not readily seen in Kruger. We have a pair of Pied Crows at Tremisana Lodge. They have tried to nest on the Vodacom cellular tower but I see that the Vervet Monkeys do not suffer from vertigo and climb right up to the top of the tower. It is therefore unlikely that the Pied Crows will be successful in raising a brood.

The Pied Kingfisher is very common. It is often seen hovering above water and dives, in spectacular fashion, vertically down to spike its prey.

The Pied Starling is relatively uncommon in Kruger.

I support two “pied” sports teams : Juventus, football team from Turin and the Natal Sharks, rugby side from Durban. Both wear a black and white strip. Both performed dismally last season and I had the proverbial pie ( read egg ) on my face.   I wish they could be as successful as the Viva Safaris guides as evidenced by the glowing reports below.



PATRICK reports:

12th : Elephants at Rockvale waterhole and Ximangwanini Dam, Leopard stalking impala at  Welverdiend waterhole, Lions near Sweni Bridge and Buffalo on S 100.

13th : Lions near Kingfisherspruit, Wild Dogs at Tinfeneni, Buffalos in Timbavati River bed, Ostrich at S 36/ S39 junction, Lions again near S 127.

14th : Lions and Elephants on H7,  Leopard on S 41; Buffalos on S100, Cheetahs on H7, White Rhino nearby and Hyenas near Orpen reception.

15th : Elephants at Rockvale and on Sweni road, Lions at Welverdiend, Buffalos at Sweni Bridge.

16th : Lions near Bobbejaankrans, Elephants at Rockvale, 2 Cheetah near S 126, Lions at Welverdiend, Buffalos H 7 and Hyenas at Orpen reception.
18th : Lions at Nsemani Dam, Cheetah on H1-3, Ostriches and Buffalos on Timbavati River bed, White Rhino H 7 and Elephants S 39.

19th : Lions at Sweni bridge, Elephants Sweni waterhole, Buffalos Ximanwanini, Ostriches on H7 and a Honey Badger crossing the road in front of us on H 7.
25th : Mating pair of Lions right near Orpen Camp, Lions on Timbavati river bed, White Rhino s 39, Elephants Nsemani, Buffalos S 36 and Hyenas near exit gate.

26th : Lions at Kingfisherspruit, Buffalos on H7, Cheetahs near S36/S 39 junction, Elephants Nsemani and White Lion near Satara Camp.
27th : Mating pair of Lions near Kingfisherspruit, More Lions on Timbavati River bed, Cheetah on S 36, Elephants Nsemani , Buffalos Kumana Dam and Leopard near Kingfisherspruit.
28th : Elephants Timbavati River bed, Lions Nsemani, Buffalos near Satara, Cheetah on S 40.

29th : Elephants  Timbavati River bed, Buffalos at Nsemani, 2 Lions on S 127, massive herd of elephants at Nsemani Dam.   

VICTOR reports :
On 7th August, we started our safari with a sighting of elephants drinking at Ngala waterhole near Orpen. Near the S 106 we found 11 Wild Dogs and further on we saw 3 White Rhino.

 At Mudzanzeni we saw elephants at the waterhole and at Ximangwaneni we had a whole herd of elephants in the dam having a bath ! At Welverdiend waterhole there was a large herd of Buffalo and at the Sweni waterhole we found a mating pair of lions. We then drove on the S 100 and at Shibotwana waterhole we found 2 lionesses with 5 cubs under a Marula tree.

After lunch at Satara we were thrilled to see a cheetah female with 2 cubs near Nsemani dam. On the way out, we found a large pride of 10 lions crossing the road in front of us.
On 14th August we were greeted by a large herd of wildebeest and zebra.

 Near the Tamboti turnoff we had a good sighting of 7 lions.

 At Rockvale there were 2 elephants taking a mud bath and on the Sweni Road we saw a young leopard stalking impalas very close tour vehicle.

 At Sweni waterhole we found 4 old buffalo bulls.

After lunch we drove to Girivana waterhole where we saw 4 Southern Ground Hornbills. At Nsemani Dam we found the usual hippos and crocodiles. Near the S12 we found a male leopard up a tree.

 On the H7 we found 3 White Rhino and on our way out we saw the local Wild Dog pack on the road.

On 22nd August we started off with a close sighting of 3 elephants. On the Rabelais Road we saw 3 huge buffalo bulls in a mud puddle. At the Sweni waterhole, we found a pride of Lions.

After lunch, we took the S 90 to view 3 lions that had caught a zebra. We took the S 127 and very luckily found a leopard crossing the road not far from the Timbavati picnic spot. Further on near the S 12 we found a leopard feeding on a young kudu.

 Near Phelwana bridge we found a mating pair of lions near the road. On the way out at Nwamatsatsa we found 3 Southern Ground Hornbills.

On 26th August, we were welcomed at the entry gate by impalas and zebras. Near Tamboti there was a mating pair of lions and at Bobbejaankrans we saw a large herd of elephants. We took the Sweni Road and had a good sighting of buffalos at Welverdiend. On the H6 we found 2 cheetah.

After lunch, we drove to Kumana Dam where we saw 3 buffalos. On the S 39 we had a great sighting of 4 White Rhino – new record. Amazingly we saw a Black Rhino along the H 7 and on the way out the hyena pack came to say goodbye.

ELIAS sent the following :

We saw lions on 1/2 cutline lying down under the shade of a marula tree on my afternoon drive.

 We saw a leopard on Barnard east of Ngwenya dam stalking impalas but they saw him and they ran away.
We also saw hyenas at Marula Boma while we were having our BBQ dinner and two honey badgers came as well. 

We saw lots of elephants on the Rome 1 property.

On another day we saw a herd of buffaloes at the entrance of Tremisana property very early in the morning. We later saw a pride of lions on the Campfire property.  

I spotted a leopard on a tree with an impala near the main camp. The clients were very happy to see that. Soon enough some hyenas paid a visit but couldn’t take any meat because it was up the tree. We had a great sighting. 

We saw two white rhinos at Deans dam.  We spotted two young leopard cubs playing on a rock near Dean’s dam -that was very amazing. We saw 4 lions at Kumiyela.

They were very static and after that we went straight to the river to have our sundowners. We found a large pod of hippos in the water.

On the way to the Olifants River, we saw two white rhinos on the Olifants road.

We saw a leopard near the river. 

While we were on the bush walk we encountered a herd of elephants and my clients were so excited to see them close enough to take a photo.

We saw two white rhinos, one black rhino and its baby on the Barnard property. We were very surprised to see them hanging around together just like that. On the same drive we saw one female lion and elephant. 

We saw two young leopard and two rhinos at Imagine Africa property and on the same day we saw one female lion and 4 elephants on Barnards. The guests were lucky to see on their first drive 4 out of 5.They couldn’t believe it. It’s a game !

We saw 2 male lions on the northern side of Masodini . Those two male lions have now killed another young male lion. If you remember from last month’s newsletter this is the second young male lion that they have killed and eaten.

We later saw a big buffalo. I am sure it tastes better than lion !

We got info from our gardening staff that lions had entered the Tremisana property as the sun went down.

We saw a pride of lions later that night on Tremisana property. We also saw them in the morning before we went on the bush walk. They made a kill later that morning and we saw a lot of vultures.

So we had a great month thank you

RAYMOND reports :

On the 06th we found 2 male lions on the H7, 2km from Orpen reception we found wild dogs on the S106 lying down next to the rondawel on Rabelais Road and a huge herd of elephants 2km before Nsemane dam. We also found a pride of lions lying down next to the road at Nsemane dam. On the way back at Kingfisherspruit we found a female leopard trying to catch an impala but she failed because of the noise of the unruly occupants of a bus. 

On the 15th on morning drive we found elephants at Elephant Dam.  One of them was in musth and came towards us and stopped less than 2 metres from the vehicle.

Later we found a Black Rhino together with her calf getting close to us as she thought about trying to charge us. We also found 2 male lions lying down at Kumiyela plain lower river road. 

On the 17th we find 2 White Rhino near Campfire. A bull elephant came and tried to chase them but they didn’t move and then the elephant changed direction and walked away from them – interesting interaction.  At Rome 1 we found a leopard trying unsuccessfully to catch an impala.

On the 20th on the way to the Bush Walk we found two male and two female lions at Leadwood pan and Zulu, the famous Black Rhino a little further on. On the walk we found 4 bull elephants. They were very relaxed and we approached them very closely and they just looked at us and continued feeding. We found a hippo outside of the water running to the river. This is a very dangerous animal and we gave it a wide berth.

On the 27th, on a Sunset Drive, we find two sub-adult leopards at Deans dam lying on a rock. Two White Rhino were close by.  After that we went to the Barnard property where we found male and female lions lying down at Shigamba dam. At Ngwenya dam we found a big herd of elephants drinking water. On the way to Marula Boma we found 4 big male Buffalos lying down next to road at Impalabos. My very lucky guests had sightings of all Big Five on their very first drive on their day of arrival.

YURI  reports :

Good day all,
August is known as the windy month here in SA and the winds of change have most certainly started blowing. Temperatures are rising and we have had fewer cold days and even a few hot days, although some parts of the country have actually had snow!
As far as the animals are concerned, this has been another great month.
The Voice in your Head:
During one of my trips to Kruger Park this month, I literally arrived at a crossroads, S36 and S39. I decided on S36, but about 1km in I changed my mind. The little voice in my head told me to go the other way…S39. I duly turned my vehicle around and headed that way and took the S39. About 20 minutes in I was getting worried that I had made the wrong choice, but then, 5 minutes later…BOOM…3 beautiful male lions next to the road. Nerves settled. I made the right choice. But, that’s not the end. Carry on another 20 minutes, a leopard in a tree with an impala. What a sighting, but still not the end. Carry on for another half hour…a pack of Wild Dogs right next to the road. Amazing! On to lunch then, but no, that’s not where it ends…2km before our lunch stop, what do we find? 2 cheetah just basking in the sun in clear view! Man, was that little voice right or what???!!!

Rhino Month:
We are quite lucky here at Tremisana that we do find Rhino on quite a regular basis, but this month has been overload. We have had the privilege of having 2 gorgeous White Rhinos right here at Tremisana. We have been lucky to find them all over the reserve and in Kruger Park as well.

An added bonus is always finding lions on a big kill. You are assured that they will remain with the kill for at least 2 days plus you get to see lions doing something other than just, well…lion around. 5 lions took down a huge buffalo bull on the Barnard property and were feasting on it for some time, giving my guests and myself some quality time for some great pics, action and sound effects.

Spring is on us and the bush will start changing soon, but we are going to be right here, waiting to show you our amazing part of the world.
Till next month,



Tremisana Game Lodge

Nyarai reports :
The month of August has been a very busy month.  It is beginning to get very warm and it’s always a great idea to carry some sunscreen lotion in one’s bag.  It is still cold some evenings so maybe a jacket as well for the night drives. Just this past week we have had temperatures reaching up to the high thirties accompanied by strong winds at night- time. One would even think it has started to rain. Talking about the rain, it is high time the African skies bless us with some rain because it has become very dry and accompanied by the wind the amount of dust each morning in front of the office requires an extra strong broom.

The animal sightings around the lodge have been great. We have seen a lot of elephants my favorites as usual.  Last week we had three elephants at the lodge and they really caught me off guard. I was going to room 9 to check the room in the afternoon and there they were so close to the electric fence. My heart skipped a beat but trust me to take pictures before fleeing.  The elephants moved towards the back parking lot and one stood by the water feature at the Boma. He was trying to drink water and when he saw me it became a silly game of hide and seek.

The family of warthogs is back and is constantly making pleasant appearances by the watering hole during breakfast and lunch times. This always makes the guests very happy.
We have welcomed increased numbers of guests through our gates this month. I have met some really nice people and made fantastic friends. I have really enjoyed hosting the guests we had this month.  We are steadily increasing the number of staff and hopefully by the end of the year we will have everyone back on site as they say “two ants can pull a grasshopper.” One can only hope that the pandemic is truly behind us and we can get back to normal, war-permitting.

Until next stay month stay safe and cheers to new friendships made underneath the African Sun.

Katekani Luxury Tented Lodge

We welcome Charl back to Viva Safaris. He is presently based at Katekani and is busy getting Dumela Lodge up to scratch.

He reports as follows :

Katekani tented camp
I am back at Viva Safaris after just under 2 years away working in the agriculture sector. It’s great to be back in the bush. We have been very fortunate at Katekani Lodge with many nights of lots of vocalisations from different animals in the bush. One evening while sitting at the fire with guests we had a huge commotion not too far from the boma with hyenas calling like crazy followed by a big growl. We were not too sure what it was, only later were we told by Solly that on his way out he saw a lone lioness on the fence line with the property next door. I suspect that a group of hyenas had stumbled across her on her own where a fight broke out. I have placed my trail camera on the fence line for a few days where we captured footage of a young female leopard moving around as well as lots of hyenas on both our side of the property and the next door property, as well as an amazing sighting of an African wild cat something very seldom seen on safaris.

Dumela Lodge
This is a new property for most people who receive this monthly newsletter. It has been a part of Viva Safaris for many years when it was called the Cheetah Inn. It was rented out to another company before Covid for a few years. With the onset of Covid, they closed down their volunteer program.  They left the place a lot worse than how they were given it ! We have got stuck in with repairs to get the property back up to spec and in condition where it can be used again. We have started by fixing the tents that they had up along with building a kitchen for the tent units. These are nice safari tents with their own private ablution facility. We also have gotten underway with fibreglassing the pool. The property is home to a small herd of impala as well a group a bushbuck. They are often seen roaming through the camp, as they have not seen people for the whole time of the lock down. 

Masango  Camp

Jevan ( JB ) is doing a really great job. We had a group of 26 tourists book the entire camp. They were so impressed that they informed Victor that they would return again at the beginning of next year !

JB reports : Our guests love seeing the Nyala walking around the camp unperturbed by humans. The guests love all the animal calls especially lions and hyenas. They love sitting around a large fire at the Boma.

Marc’s Treehouse Lodge

The nyala are very tame and are seen all over. Some seem to enjoy being near the swimming pool.

The Boma is a great place to be especially in winter. A good fire always adds a wonderful dimension to socialising.

JB reports that guests have seen the resident leopard and a pair of buffalo bulls around the camp.
One of the bulls has a partly white hide – a pied buffalo ?

Please refrain from suggesting we make buffalo pie !!!!


There has been a significant improvement in bookings and arrivals. I am pleased to advise that permanent posts have been given to Charl, Patrick, Margrett, Caroline and Thembi.
We now have over 30 staff receiving regular salaries.

We are getting there !!!
Thanks to all our supportive travel agents.
This month I had reason to confront agents who unfortunately tried to be dishonest. All Viva Safaris products must be marketed and sold at the exact same tariffs. It is simply not acceptable to have agents discount our tariffs. Viva Safaris reserves the right to NOT take any bookings from agents that are not acting in a fair manner.
We had an even bigger dishonesty issue this month. We had an incident of attempted scamming where someone tried to impersonate Viva Safaris using a gmail account to obtain a booking payment from a potential client. We urge all prospective clients to always ensure that you are communicating with a bona fide member of the Viva Safaris team before making any payments. All email correspondence from us will always be from an or email address. We will NEVER communicate via gmail nor ask you to make payment into strange unrelated bank accounts – all our payments go through the credit card processing facility on the “Make a Payment” page on our website.

Thanks to Marco, our Webmaster, for nipping this nefarious business in the bud.
Another dishonest issue revolved around a crooked tourist. She booked with me and originally wanted to stay at Katekani. She seemed a little unhappy with the tariff so I advised her to book a safari package staying at Tremisana. She advised that her teenage son was keen on seeing as many animals as possible. I then told her that I would do her a big favour and upgrade her accommodation, at no extra cost, to our Guest House at Tremisana. We have a spotlight overlooking a waterhole and her son would be able to watch the animals drinking at the waterhole all night long if he so wished. She was thrilled. On arrival she happily paid the 50% balance by credit card. They enjoyed their Sunset Drive and Bush BBQ as well as the morning drive the next day. That evening she started to complain about all sorts of things. Nyarai attended to every detail of her complaints. We later established that she had booked the next few nights at a 5 star lodge up the road.

What made us mad is that she applied to reverse her payment. Her claim was based on “services not received”. Our bank, Standard Bank, in my opinion, did not challenge her untrue statements and we feel that they were not sufficiently supportive. I have escalated this matter to higher authority at the bank, where Viva has been a client since 1995 and I personally have had an account since 1975.  As a service provider, we cannot allow a dishonest tourist to get away with this kind of action.

I recall a similar incident that happened about 10 years ago with one of our top travel agent suppliers. A dishonest tourist claimed that she never booked with his agency and that she never went on safari with us. She arranged for payment to be reversed. The bank, once again, was too timid. I solved the problem by locating the indemnity form that she had signed on pickup. It is scary and very disappointing that people can do such things.
We had a lot of great reviews this month.


Absolutely Amazing
Rebecca Bigginton
We have used viva safaris these past 6 days and really couldn’t fault them. Absolutely amazing, these guys really go out of their way to give you the best times ever.

We stayed at Tremisana Game Lodge and Marcs Treehouse Lodge. We also used the safari club sa near the airport.

Honestly there are no words to describe our week’s adventures. Highly recommended for the time of your lives

Excellent safari
Mathieu L

Excellent safari, the organization is well done and for the price, it perfectly balance. The 6 days give the opportunity to get two full Kruger days, which was really nice, plus doing Balude reserve game drive. The food is excellent at both Tremisana lodge and Marc tree house. Big thumb up to Victor, Raymond and Smiley, as well the staff of both tremisana and Marc tree house, working hard to keep the guest happy. We visit end of July/early August, the temperature was between 12 to 27, we saw everything, Lions, Rhinos, Leoard….etc. Incredible !

First Safari – amazing wildlife, exceptional staff who were informative, friendly & so welcoming. Great food great value

What a fantastic holiday we have recently had. Our time at Tremisana Lodge was very special & was an important part of our trip. What a fantastic Lodge to choose for our first safari experience. Thank you so much for being part of our holiday. The magnificent wildlife was amazing and experiences I will remember forever. Seeing the lions around the outside of the Lodge was amazing. As was seeing the 2 “visiting“ lions with their kill. Not pleasant in terms of what it represented but fascinating none the less. As ever though it was the people that made the real difference. Please pass on our thanks to Thabo for getting us to Tremisana safely, to Nyarai for her help in answering my endless questions!! The guides, Yuri, Smiler, Patrick & Victor were incredible. Smiler’s enthusiasm was infectious & unforgettable. We were well and truly made to feel part of the family & the food was fantastic.

Memories for a Lifetime!
Jen F

Wow! What a 5 days! We wished we had looked at the company website and done one more day!! The staff were so friendly and knowledgeable (shout out to Victor and Yuri—our favorites!!) and they took us for morning, afternoon and evening bush drives (Greater Kruger) along with a day in Kruger Park. We saw the Big 5 and then some! Giraffes and elephants a plenty! Wild dogs! Leopard and lion and cheetah and hippos and more and more!! The food was plentiful and well flavored! The people we met were friendly and fun to get to know! Amazing experience- thank you!!

Wonderful Safari Experience

The safari was fantastic. I absolutely loved seeing the aminals and learning about them.

The highlight for me was seeing a pride of lions sleeping after eating.

I also really loved going to the rehabilitation center. The aniamls were in enclosures but we were able to get very close to them. This place isn’t a zoo. If an animal can be rehabilitated and released in to the wild, it is. Visitors are not able to see those animals so they don’t get used to humans. Some animals are too severely injured to live in the wild, or they were rescued but already too used to humans so it wouldn’t be safe to release them. The center provides a place for these animals to live. All the animals seemed very happy and well taken care of.

Victor was our guide in Kruger. He was absolutely incredible! I am so thankful that we got him as our guide. He was fun and informative, giving all kinds of interesting information about each animal we saw. Victor knew we wanted to see lions, so he made sure to talk to other cars and ask if they’d seen any lions around. Victor’s networking worked because first thing after lunch, he drove us to some lions! I also appreciated that he gave us plenty of time to view the animals and that I didn’t feel rushed at all.

Sharl from Katekani also helped to make my safari experience special. I wrote a separate review for Katekani Lodge itself, but Sharl deserves a shout out in this review as well. He talked to the guests every day and shared so many stories and fun facts. Talking with him was definitely a highlight of my whole trip!

Overall, I would definitely recommend Viva Safaris.


Not your average tent!
Tegan R

Was so relieved to begin travelling again after COVID and when a last minute work opportunity came up i jumped on it and added some holidays afterwards. This meant last minute booking whatever i could and luck must have been on my side when i booked with Viva Safaris and 4 nights at Katekani tented lodge.

I cannot think of one thing that took away from my stay, the tents are luxury and far exceeded my expectations! It was so peaceful a quiet and i felt so relaxed and at home there, watching monkeys playing the trees from my lounger on my deck next to the plunge pool, or listening to the sounds of the African bush at night and seeing leopard and hyena footprints in the sand in the mornings as i walked through the beautiful paths to breakfast. The staff were amazing and always up for a chat or to just leave you to your quiet reflection. Food was also 5 star. Viva Safaris were a class above, excellent guides who loved interacting and sharing their vast knowledge, everything ran smoothly which after 2 years of little to no tourists was a clear sign they knew their stuff…got to see 4 of the Big 5!

Cant wait to come back.


A truly authentic and unforgettable stay!

The most authentic stay I’ve ever experienced! Immersed in the bush and surrounded by animals (mostly buffalos, monkeys, impalas and leopards). Staff is always available and ready to make you feel at home. They are all super nice and great to have a conversation with. Very tasty dinner and amazing dining location around the fire. Treehouses are cold during winter, but you are given hot water bottles that worked perfectly for me and it’s all part of the amazing experience. Highly recommended!

Dreamy place
Ebba T

Stayed here for 4 nights during my 6 day Kruger experience and wow, what a place. The place is beautiful with secluded treehouses and tents in the bush and great common areas. Marc’s Camp is more than welcoming and has a familiar feeling to it. Much thanks to the staff which is kind, generous, service minded and friendly. They always make you smile. The place gives an awesome bush experience, brushing your teeth with nyalas and eating breakfast with the monkeys. The morning walk from the tents to the common area where breakfast is served is so dreamy, nyalas grazing just beside you. The food is delicious and our activities with Viva Safaris were very nicely organised. In short, a great experience. Awesome, excellent 😉 THANK YOU!


Memories for a Lifetime!
Kath S

“Had the most amazing time at tremisana lodge ! 6 day trip was fabulous ! So many game drives saw all the big 5 as well as loads of other animals !

Smiley, Victor, Raymond and Yuri were so knowledgeable and enthusiastic to make the whole experience the best ! Lodge is basic but clean and all you need ! Food was home cooked by mama and delicious ! Elvis set up the most amazing meal out at the bona in the bush and we were joined by hyenas !!

Excellently organised all the way through and very friendly and eager to please. Would recommend to all I know. FAB FAB FAB”

Viva Safaris is pleased to read glowing reviews on our associate 5 star lodge, EZULWINI:

THE BIG 5 AND BEYOND! Ezulwini Lodges (Places of Paradise) is 5 stars across the board!!

Ezulwini Game Lodges is 5 stars across the board. Big 5 ✔️ Luxury ✔️ Hospitality ✔️ Cuisine ✔️ Cleanliness ✔️ and the quiet is breathtaking. Come to unwind and be prepared to have your mind blown. Read more..

From the moment Ange and Craig greeted us at the gate we knew this was going to be the trip of a lifetime! Ezulwini means Places of Paradise and this little pocket South Africa is stunning. The River Lodge where we stayed is luxury all the way. The three hot meals each day are 5 star worthy and deliciously presented. Sue with he beautiful smile and warm affection served dinner next to a roaring fire under the trees – perfect steaks, local dishes, fish and chicken wrapped in bacon! Omelets made to order and hot muffins, French press coffee- yum! Our suite had a plunge pool and spacious deck with lounge chairs overlooking the Olifant river. Monkeys, Baboons, Bush Bucks and Wart Hogs were our constant companions during the mid day chill time. The Leopards and Hyenas would sneak through at night!!

Hector and Conrad, our guides in the bush were nothing short of amazing. Conrad can spot a lion in the grass 50 yards from the road. Hector had us all laughing with his infectious smile a dry wit. We went on a wild off-road chase after a pair of Leopards and found one of their cubs. And the Lions!!! Lions on a kill, Lions mating and Lions lounging. I cannot over state how stunningly beautiful the Lions are when viewed 5 feet from our jeep. We got lucky and had 3 Leopard experiences- one eating an Impala in a tree with Hyenas circling below. Herds of Elephant, elegant Giraffes, Zebra, Impala and water buffalo. We went during their winter which is dry and chilly in the mornings but the animal viewing was excellent and no mosquitoes! We will come back for the summer “green” experience and in the mean time while away the hours dreaming of our Ezulwini paradise.
Thank you all!!

We also received the following wonderful email from John and Bridget:

From: John and Bridget
Sent: Wednesday, 17 August 2022 22:05
Subject: Tremisana 10- 14 Jul

Piero & Nyarai

Please forgive my tardiness in writing to you so late.

What a fantastic holiday we have recently had. Our time at Tremisana was very special & was an important part of our trip. What a fantastic Lodge to choose for our first safari experience.

Thank you so much for being part of our holiday. The magnificent wildlife was amazing and experiences I will remember forever. Seeing the lions around the outside of the Lodge was amazing. As was seeing the 2 “visiting “ lions with their kill. Not pleasant in terms of what it represented but fascinating none the less. 

As ever though it was the people that made the real difference. As a rule I am usually reluctant to name people in case I miss someone out!! 
Amongst others please pass on our thanks to Thabo for getting us to Tremisana safely, to Nyarai for her help in answering my endless questions!! The guides, Yuri, Smiler ( aka Hallabab), Patrick & Victor were incredible.  Smiler’s enthusiasm was infectious & unforgettable. To my regret I cannot remember the names of the kitchen staff. Their efforts must not be forgotten – we were well and truly made to feel part of the family & the food was fantastic.

Please pass on our thanks to one & all.

Thank you
John & Bridget


Until next month,

With kind regards,
General Manager
Viva Safaris