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What to Expect on Safari

Guests on safari expect to see animals – lots of them !

We are in a unique position in this respect – Viva Safaris conducts tours on the Balule Private Game Reserve (part of the so-called Greater Kruger Park), Kruger Park proper, Tshukudu and Motlala Private enclosed reserves and also the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre.


The fence between Balule and Kruger came down only 10 years ago and you will notice that the numbers of animals in Balule are far less than in Kruger proper. However there are far fewer vehicles on Balule than in Kruger so there is the element of exclusivity at a sighting. We have access to some (not all) properties where we are allowed to drive off-road so as to get really close to some of the Big Five.


The sheer number and variety of animals in Kruger Park naturally demand that no safari cannot but include a full day in Kruger. We travel from our lodges to Kruger along a road that skirts numerous private game reserves and we always see animals even before we enter Kruger. There are various biomes that we visit and in Kruger we have the chance of seeing specials such as Wild Dog and Sable Antelope that are generally absent from other reserves.



Guests doing the 5 or 6 day Tremisana and Katekani safari packages get to visit Tshukudu Game Reserve. This is enclosed – meaning the reserve is completely fenced. The chances of seeing the Big Five are thus greatly enhanced. The White rhino ( there are no Black rhino here ) have their horns trimmed so as to successfully minimise poacher activity.

Guests staying at Katekani Lodge, as well as guests doing the 5 and 6 day Tent and Treehouse safari packages, get to visit Motlala Game Reserve, which is also enclosed.  Although elephants are absent ( from time to time they do break in from neighbouring reserves ) , we have great success in seeing both Black and White rhino and buffalo. Leopard and lion are also seen from time to time.



Moholoholo provides sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals. For the wildlife purists, it is sometimes difficult to see animals in cages, but we need to remember that the Rehab centre also serves a purpose in educating our guests ( and many local school groups ) about conservation.

Over the 25+ years that Viva Safaris has been supporting this outstanding project, the number of disgruntled tourists we have had can be counted on one hand !



Our tourist guides make it their business to find out where the animals are. In Balule we are in radio contact with one another and with guides from other lodges.

In Kruger proper, we receive updates from other guides as well as Kruger rangers. We have found that the SA public are very considerate and caring – they stop our drivers and inform them of where they have had sightings !

In Tshukudu and Motlala the reserve management see to it that they keep tracks of where the animals are and we therefore have excellent chances of having great sightings.


Compared to other operators and lodges that operate in only one reserve, Viva Safaris has far greater possibilities of delivering great animal sightings including all Big Five.