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Elephant wanting a closer acquaintance with Rocky on Balule

April 2023

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When my family and I first moved to Umhlanga Rocks from Johannesburg over 25 years ago, there were sugar cane plantations all around. We had regular sightings of Cane Rats, Bushbuck, Red Duiker and the diminutive Blue Duiker. With the massive housing developments that have...
Lioness and cubs on road near Tremisana in Balule.

March 2023

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Some years ago, my sons, Anthony and Marc, bought me a fantastic torch on the occasion of my 60th birthday. This torch has 3 levels of intensity and has been a great help in spotting nocturnal animals. The most useful feature of the torch is that it can be changed to diffuse...
Journey of Giraffe 10 km from Orpen on road to Satara in Kruger Park.

February 2023

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February 2023 will be remembered as the month in which the Kruger Park was severely affected by floods. Viva Safaris thankfully was able to continue all operations as the main damage was done in the Southern Section of the Kruger Park. Our lodges are situated in the Central...

December 2022 / January 2023

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I watched a program yesterday on Al Jazeera TV that was about an attempt to keep the Northern White Rhino species from going extinct. Since 19 March 2018 there are only two known rhinos of this species still alive : two cows called Najin and Fatu. These are protected 24h daily by...

November 2022

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Viva Safaris enjoys  strong support because we offer game drives both in the Balule Private Nature Reserve, situated in what is called Greater Kruger, and in Kruger Park proper. All our guests get the opportunity to enjoy exclusive sightings in the private reserve and get to see...

October 2022

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Some birds found in South African are named onomatopoeically. The best known is probably the Hadeda Ibis that makes a loud and penetrating “HAA-HAA-HAA-DE-DAH” call. Hadedas have spread their range in S A to include most urban areas because of increasing tree cover and irrigation...

September 2022

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The Leadwood Tree, Combretum Imberbe, has a special place in many bushlovers’ hearts. It may be its toughness or its imposing display, even once dead, that gives the Leadwood a primordial aura. My good bush friend, Laurence Saad, owner of the Ezulwini Lodges, where Viva Safaris...

August 2022

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The African Pied Wagtail, Motacilla aguimp, inhabits subtropical areas and is always found near water. It is monogamous and makes a cup-shaped nest in vegetation near water. It is mainly insectivorous but also feeds on grass seeds, tadpoles and small fish. The word ‘pied’ means ‘...

July 2022

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From time to time, I am reminded that Nature appears to have extremely cruel animals. For example, the way in which wild dogs bite and dismember still-alive prey has given them a reputation for cruelty. The experts advise that the prey is in such a state of shock that it is...

June 2022

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Quite understandably, we are often asked about the dangers involved with going on safari. There are occasions when guests may encounter snakes or spiders and I always recommend that every tourist brings a torch. Not only will this allow better visibility at night but it enhances...