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Priscilla Seevathian

July 2023: Awesome 5 day safari. This was my first visit to South Africa and experiencing a safari.

My whole stay was just amazing. I saw so many animals that I only saw on TV till now. Saw the Big 5 but also saw zebras,giraffes, rhinos, warthugs,monkeys,different colourful
birds,vultures …😊😊😊😊😊
The sunset drive and dinner in the African Bush was just a great experience on the first night there at the Tremisana Lodge.

Then we had the morning bush walk the next day which was amazing too.

Both accommodations were great but the 4 nights at the Treehouse was awesome. You can hear the animals at night (hyenas,leopard,water buffalos).
My treehouse was perfect.i loved it. loved walking to it especially at night😃.under the stars and hearing the animals.

The view and sounds in the morning when you wake up …wowwww!!connected to nature.And when walking to the breakfast area, impalas walking next to you, kudus grazing away…

Awesome staff and guides as well and great cooking.The food was delicious.

Fabulous stay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦁🐆🦌🐃🦓🐗🐘🦒🦅🦜🦦🐾🐾

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