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Liz P, Ireland

September 2023: Amazing experience … do it !!
I won’t be able to fit how amazing this experience was into words but here goes … if you are thinking about booking with Viva Safaris, absolutely do it , not only do we have zero complaints but it was an experience of a lifetime .
From a practical side, the trip was great value for money, included everything you could want , you get to see so much in a short timeframe , the schedule ran like clockwork and everything and everyone were very professional .
But from a personal side, some things money can’t buy, and that is the knowledge of all the guides , the helpfulness of everyone that works there and how they make you feel like part of a family .
Their hospitality and kindness and all the small touches were like no where else we have ever visited , everyone was so special in their own right , people skills cannot be bought and there are really some special people working there .
We had a lovely stay for 1 night in Tremisana and then onto Katekani for 3 nights , only wish it was more .for the price the trip cost I really wasn’t expecting it to be so comfortable, to be fed so well and for everything to be so perfect !
We also did a lovely trip to Mohololo Rehabilitation Centre which I found excellent and very educational .
If you want to , you will learn a lot from everyone here.
You guys have some great people , please don’t change !! We can’t name everyone but particularly we have to thank Smiley of course for his fun spirit and his knowledge , Andy for his wonderful manner and also great knowledge. Victor and Sully for being absolute gentlemen, Mama P and Mama J at Katekani for making us feel like part of a family and looking after us so well, these guys all work so hard and yet they are smiling all the time !
We even were invited for lunch with the managers , how nice is that , that they sat and ate with us , the hospitality as I said , is unbelievable .
But have to say a big “fair play” as we say in Ireland , to Nadine , one of the guides,she took us on one of the drives and I found her to be a superstar , I could sense her compassion for the animals , her knowledge , and her passion , which at the end of the day is what it’s all about in my eyes .
Thank you all for a wonderful experience we will remember it forever 🇿🇦 from liz and Karl, Ireland x
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