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Vehicles with many tourists = more employment opportunities for locals.

February 2019

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I believe that the most serious problem in S A today is the shortage of jobs. Unemployment figures for the 18 to 35 year old bracket is way over 60% and climbing !! This is an extremely explosive situation and we all should try to do our bit to alleviate the problem. It is...
Leopard grabs hold of warthog on Sunset Drive

June 2015

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From my home in Durban, I normally drive via Northern kwa-Zulu Natal through Swaziland and enter the Kruger Park at Crocodile Bridge and then proceed to Tremisana Lodge via Orpen Gate. It is a journey of about 850 km. On my most recent trip (end of June) I was very concerned to...
Lioness really close to us on the tarred road

April 2015

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I was pleased to receive feedback to my last newsletter (March 2015). There were two notable responses to my call to exterminate Mallard ducks and their hybrid offspring from all nature reserves. Cosimo Brescia, MD of Sandown Travel, plans to organise Italian hunters to do duck...