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Celeste G

December 2022: Can’t Wait to Return!

As an avid nature and animal lover, I came to Viva Safaris Tremisana lodge to experience the African Bush and to view it’s wildlife. And that we did! We saw more animals than I can count… So many elephants, lions, impala, giraffes, zebra, hippos and many more. For my family, we were just one animal short of the big five, the elusive leopard. But we saw mating lions, mere feet from us, so that more than made up for it. Witnessing the creation of life in the wilderness was powerful and brought tears to my eyes. We have photographs and videos and memories that will last a lifetime. But what I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the most, was the human experience. The other guests become instant friends and comrades and the entire staff at Tremisana was warm and welcoming. Our guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and went beyond to make sure our views and lighting were just right for photos. If you have the pleasure of riding with Smiley, consider yourself lucky! His optimism and smile were infectious and his determination to find us our animals were bar none. Thank you Smiley (Halala!) and Rocky! Mama D and her staff cooked us amazing and comforting meals, never once leaving us hungry or unpleased. Thank you Mama D, and I still want your recipes! The accommodations were clean and the grounds were meticulous. Just walking around camp was a joy. Cannot recommend enough!

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